A visit from West Cork based photographer Charlie Lee

This week’s club meeting featured a photographic presentation by West Cork based photographer Charlie Lee. The club members were treated to a fabulous display of both Wildlife and Nature images as well as some Landscape and Seascape imagery.

Charlie’s day job sees him overseeing and running his own business down in Skibbereen which is the Skibbereen Garden Centre. During his free time Charlie heads out with his Canon 1DX (what a camera!!) and his Canon 70-200mm, 100-400mm and 500mm lenses in all sorts of weather conditions in search for those elusive shots capturing Ireland’s wildlife in their natural habitats.

To start off the presentation, Charlie showed us his successful Associateship Distinction (ASINWP) panel which was awarded to him by the The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers
who are based in the United Kingdom. This panel consisted of 20 images and showcased a variety Irish wildlife. Many of the club members were fascinated at just how much preparation, planning and effort goes into capturing these amazing wildlife images. Next Charlie went on to showcase some of the Landscape and Seascape imagery that he has produced over the past 7 years. Finally, Charlie went on to showcase some of the gear that he uses, including those mentioned earlier in this post.

Throughout his presentation it was very clear and evident to see the great love and passion Charlie has for Ireland’s wildlife and privileges of photographing it.

You can check out some of Charlie’s images over on his website

Charlie runs several photographic workshops throughout the year, so if you are eager to learn more and experience the joys and challenges of wildlife photography, then why not reach out to Charlie and book a place on one of his workshops. Information concerning these can be found on his website.


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