Club Report Jan 30th 2014: Architectural Photography presentation by Iñaki Hernández-Lasa

Last night at our weekly club meeting we had the great pleasure of enjoying a very interesting, insightful and inspiring presentation on Architectural Photography by Limerick-based photographer Iñaki Hernández-Lasa. It was a very enjoyable night and the presentation went down a treat with the club members. I think everyone learned something new and came away from the club meeting with a deeper understanding of what exactly Architectural Photography really is and perhaps some members have even been motivated to go out with their cameras trying their hand at this very different and exciting genre of Photography.

Iñaki is a Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF) and he shoots nationwide across Ireland specializing in Architectural Photography. He is a Spanish photographer living in Ireland for the last 23 years. His passion for photography started at an early age when he used film cameras and slide. Iñaki’s images and photographic talents have been received, appreciated and admired both here in Ireland and across the world. His outstanding images have received several awards at International Photography competitions run by the IPA (International Photography Awards) and has had several images accepted and awarded by the FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Arts) in their various sponsored Exhibitions and Salons.

During his presentation Iñaki first provided an outline of what the Architectural Photography genre is and what is so special and unique about it. He further went on to explain some of his own personal thought processes that he applies before he sets out on creating and capturing his images. He also briefly touched on his post-processing workflow and procedures. He was asked plenty of questions by the club members and he kindly answered them with not only information and instructions concerning the technical aspects of the architectural photography genre’s processes but also with some very useful insights from his own personal experience.

After the initial talk on what Architectural Photography is, Iñaki then proceeded to show several of his images in a projected audio/visual presentation. Finally Iñaki finished off the night by showing the prints for his successful Fellowship panel that he was awarded by the IPF (Irish Photographic Federation) back in May 2013.  After listing to Iñaki present on the genre of Architectural Photography it because quite evident to everyone in the club that here was a photographer who had a genuine love for the area of photography that he specializes in. It was very clear that his love of Architectural Photography is something that has been nurtured and allowed to grow and develop over the many years that he has been learning and applying the craft of Photography. His enthusiasm for the subject came across immediately and I am sure that he manged to convert some of the members to genuine die-hard Architectural Photographers in the making!!

Check out his website at for a look at his various works of art in his Gallery and for additional information about the photographic services that he offers. If you are a reading this and are involved in a Camera Club, I would strongly encourage and recommend that you reach out to Iñaki and invite him to visit your club and talk about Architectural Photography. I can guarantee that you will not regret it!

A big thanks goes out from everyone at the Ballincollig Camera Club to Iñaki for being such a gentlemen and a true inspiration!

Club Secretary – Graham

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